Committed to Giving, Inspired by Nature

William and Linda Richter

William "Bill" and Linda Richter have always been inspired by the natural world. Their travels, including professional work in South and Southeast Asia and visits to such places as the Galápagos Islands and Costa Rica, often have a nature component.

“When our kids were young, we’d spend a week each year in the Rockies. Now, we take our grandkids to national parks,” Bill says. “We’ve really tried to pass along our appreciation for nature.”

That’s not the only thing the Richters are sharing with future generations. Since 2011, the couple has made several gifts that pay them income, known as charitable gift annuities to Natural Resources Defense Council. This type of planned gift supports NRDC, while giving the Richters fixed payments for the duration of their lifetimes.

“Charitable organizations like this are our agents in the world,” Linda says. “They’re able to do things that we could not do ourselves with this money.”

Choosing NRDC as a recipient of their charitable giving was an easy decision for the Richters. They reviewed the nonprofit’s objectives and effectiveness using Charity

Navigator, the largest charity assessment organization in the U.S., and were impressed with the findings.

“NRDC focuses on so many key environmental issues,” Linda says. “It’s hard to imagine that anyone could be interested in the environment and not be interested in the work of NRDC.”

“We’re happy to make these gifts,” Bill adds. “It’s the only earth we have, so it’s good to protect it.”

Create Your Legacy at NRDC

You can join the Richters and help make a difference for the future of our planet by establishing a charitable gift annuity at NRDC or including us in your will or other estate plan. Get more details by contacting Michelle Mulia-Howell at or 212.727.4421.