Love of the Planet Drives Couple’s Volunteer Work and Giving

Jamie Godshalk and Marj Lundy both grew up in families that taught them to care about the environment. They’ve put those lessons to action throughout their 40 years of marriage.

For almost 30 years, the Illinois couple has donated to Natural Resources Defense Council.

“We respect the organization so much,” says Marj, a retired community affairs manager at a bank. “We trust the research that they’re doing.”

The couple helps the environment at a global level through donations to organizations like NRDC, and is also active in their own community, including the local forest preserves. Jamie volunteers dozens of hours to help restore the preserves, and Marj, who is a serious birder, has a trail of bluebird nest boxes in a preserve nearby.

“We feel that it’s important to both volunteer and donate to environmental organizations,” Marj says.

A Gift for the Future

In addition to their annual donations, the couple included a gift in their will, known as a bequest, to NRDC.

“The annual contributions are needed so NRDC can do the work they’re doing. They need money today,” says Jamie, a retired independent sales representative. “The money we leave in our will ensures we continue to support NRDC in the future.”

The couple appreciates NRDC’s work litigating, advocating, and holding policymakers accountable.

“The urgency that we feel is greater,” Marj says. “Climate change is a huge piece of that. NRDC is about making change, making communities sustainable, and environmental justice. We feel that the environment is a top priority.”

Extend Your Support

Like Jamie Godshalk and Marj Lundy, you can make a transformative gift to help NRDC protect the environment for future generations. Contact Michelle Mulia-Howell at or 212.727.4421 to learn more.